Photography Excellence
Complimenting our innovative products is our consistently great photography. Our images are more than just snapshots. They are professional-quality sports portraits that players and their families will be proud to display and share with their friends and relatives. They help create a lasting memory of this season’s events and good times shared.

Our photographers are trained in creating great imagery, and that each player is our client.  We also have additional staff on hand to help make your photography event run smoothly. We pay attention to all the details that go into producing a photography program, including:

We have a posing assistant for each photographer, and we take extra time to get each portrait right.

Through our extensive experience in portrait and commercial photography, we have created seamless natural lighting for our indoor programs, and balanced, pleasing lighting for our outdoor programs.

Again drawing on our on-location commercial experiences, we can create a most pleasing background from your playing fields, and/or tournament space.  Or we can use our custom made backgrounds for a unique feeling and look.

Product Customization & Personalization
Personalized Products: Many of our products are personalized with your players’ names and more. Our magazine covers, and plaques include player and team names. Our trading cards feature many of the player’s stats - just like “Pro” cards! We can even create a trading card totally unique to your organization!

Making Picture Day a Successful Day
Our goal is to help players and their families, coaches and directors have a pain free photography event. We plan with you in advance, so we can provide order forms and supporting paperwork, well before it’s needed.  We then help organizers create your photography event schedule, and provide staff and equipment for your event according to the needs of players and teams being photographed.  We work with your organization to create the best scenario for you on your photography day.

Special Programs for Leagues
If you have needs for special recognition or additional fund-raising or more let us know. We have programs with elements to meet those needs.

Contact Legends Illiana now and learn more about the best value in youth sports photography in Northern Indiana!